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The best content in the world won't impress anyone if they can’t see it. Our partnership with DMG Solutions leverages the use of third party data providers who can find only the individuals with a high propensity to watch our content, then drive them to the appropriate outlet.

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La Gran Pachanga

In the great tradition of television shows such as “American Bandstand,” “Soul Train,” MTV’s “The Grind,” “Caliente,” and “Descontrol” comes the latest dance show that aims to leave an indelible mark on pop-culture for many generations to come, “La Gran Pachanga.”

This energetic, music-filled program is directly targeted at the largest growing demographic in the U.S., English-speaking Latinos.  “La Gran Pachanga” is the meeting place for the hottest and most current musical artists. The program has segments showcasing the latest in fashion and some of the most attractive Latin women in the country from the hotest South Florida locations.

El Meteoro Digital has produced an entertaining, dynamic, and high-quality dance show with mass appeal. “La Gran Pachanga” is enjoyed by a diverse audience and will soon become a staple in many homes... just as previous dance shows have been.

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Interesting facts about our specialists

Jose Del Cueto

DMG Solutions 

TransAmerica Media Group

VP Domestic Production 

EVP Sales & Marketing

Jorge A. Hernandez

General Producer
8 years

5 years

Executive Producer
"La Pachanga"
1 season 

"The Ultimate Fighter"
4 seasons

Vivianne Maduro

"La Pachanga"
1 season

"Top Chef Estrellas"
1 season

"La Voz Kids"
3 seasons

7 years 

Basketball Wives
1 season

Art Nobo

Director & D.P.
"La Pachanga"
1 season

D. P.
"El Factor X Kids"
1 season

2 years

"Man v. Food"
1 season 

Camera (Alexa)
2 seasons

Roland Alvarez

Network promos for Discovery Latin America

TV & Radio spots for DirecTV

Record and Mix Spots for 20th Century Fox 

Record edit and mix ABC / Disney Sound 

Restoration MGM 

Edit & Conform Foreign languages Universal

Audio mix Univision